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Pre-populated dynamic email content with Email 2.0 variables

Question asked by 86122d7502e157f8d92a86a23a043068e6ab5fc4 on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi there,


I am trying to make things easier for our regional users by designing a single template with modules - we have segmentation setup, and I'd previously used snippets to allow content to be regionalised within emails. However, as snippets don't support global variables, when trying to incorporate one into an email with modules, it 'breaks' the overall template.


I'm fine with using dynamic content instead of pre-designed snippets, however it defeats the simplicity aspect I'm aiming for if the users have to manually change the content each time to reflect the local URL or phone number etc.


Is there a way to have dynamic content automatically display different content in email modules based on segmentation - rather than having to change it manually, and also allow the use of Email 2.0 variables?


Sorry if this is a question that's been asked before - I couldn't find a forum topic exactly matching this question.