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Sales Insights / MSI Reporting Problem

Question asked by Ken Ungaro on May 18, 2018

So I've come into an company with a really old instance of Marketo where dozens of people over the years have had their hands in the program and have long left.  We have an absurd amount of templates in the inventory, many of which are no longer used but have been cloned at the campaign level on numerous occasions and customized for each campaign.  So we recently built a new campaign with an outside agency.  They used a "no template" for an HTML version of an email and we built an text only version using what we have as a "blank" template.  Both of which are MSI enabled.and we use Salesforce as our CRM.


My problem starts with the reporting aspect of the campaign upon testing.  When I run the standard EMAIL PERFORMANCE REPORT and select the two versions of the emails, only the text version (MSI enabled) appears in the reporting. Then I created a SALES INSIGHT EMAIL PERFORMANCE Report and only the HTML version (MSI enabled) appears after having to try to locate the email by "Subject Line" rather than the actual email name.(grrrrr) There were 28 instances of the subject line to select from (grrrrr) so I selected them all in the Smart List of the report. Where did the 28 come from when there were only 13 sent through MSI? 


Why does one report show the text version metrics while the other shows the HTML metrics PLUS an additional errant & unrelated email in the MSI report?  The unrelated email has a completely different subject line that I did NOT select in the smart list.