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    Use unsubscribed or marketing suspended when pending opt-in confirmation

    Pavel Plachky



      I would like to tap the collective wisdom of the community to weigh pros/cons about how to handle people who did not yet confirmed their subscription. In several cases, for example double opt-in, we want to limit the marketing to operational emails before the person clicked on confirmation email. We can use two Marketo fields for this use case:

      • Marketing Suspended
      • Unsubscribed

      Which one in your experience is better? I have seen Marketing Suspended used often, but Grégoire Michel hinted in his idea Have an Opt-In field that is sync'ed with the unsubscribe field at system level  to link Unsubscribed to Opt-In field. I would be interested in learning what worked for you.

      Many thanks,


        • Re: Use unsubscribed or marketing suspended when pending opt-in confirmation
          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Pavel,


          There are 2 ways to look at this:

          • You might want to have the opt-in and unsubscribe fields to be always in sync. This will reduce the risk for errors and non compliance. Since the idea you pointed above has not been implemented, what we do more and more is to implement it at form level, with some JS. See Consent to marketing communications - trigger campaign
          • You might decide you do not want to sync these 2 fields. This means that Opt-in filter have to be added to all you campaigns, giving a lot of responsibility to your end users. The advantage of this approach is that it leaves some leeway when you need to send some communications covered by to the legitimate interest or existing relationship rules (such a production information to your existing customers). But some say that in this case, you can still use some operational emails.



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