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    One Click Unsubscribe

    Port worx

      Hi all,


      Is there a way to have one click unsubscribe?

      As of the moment when a lead clicked our unsubscribed link on email, they will be redirected at a landing page and need to submit a form and redirect to confirmation page.


      What I want them to do is after they click unsubscribed link on email they will be redirecting on confirmation page. Is that possible? What do you think is the best practice on this



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Ron,


          You can do this with a simple smart campaign using a "clicks link in email" trigger.


          But this is quite dangerous: anyone using a recent version of anti-phishing software and link scanner will automatically unsubscribe without even knowing it... I advise my customers not to set up one mlcil unsub.



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            Jay Herrera

            I think one click should be totally safe as long as your trigger is "Visits Web Page" and filter on your unsubscribe page.

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              Abhishek Chandra

              May I ask why do you want one click unsubscribe as it is not the best practice?



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                Karan Hari

                Hi Port worx,


                My recommendation would be to redirect leads to a preference center instead of directly showing them the unsubscribe confirmation page.


                The preference center can be a valuable addition to prevent your leads from unsubscribing. Not only does the preference center helps you show the leads relevant options from which they can choose from, but its also enables the leads to go for options like a "90 day vacation", by which the leads would not be sent any email for next 90 days and post that also, the lead only receives communications on their areas of interest.


                Additionally setting up a preference center is also highly recommended and mandatory in some cases if you have a data base that falls under the scope of GDPR. Setting up and giving options to delete ones own data, and other customized options become possible with the help of preference center.


                I have worked with several clients and have had successful used cases where implementing an email preference center significantly reduced the unsubscribes and also enable us to send the right communication to the right lead.


                Best Always,

                Karan Hari