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Forms and Picklists - Solving for Frequent one-off Form Picklist Creation and Data Storage

Question asked by Chris Thomas on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Natalie Kremer



Before posting, I looked and couldn't find any advice so I thought I'd start a new thread to see how the community suggests solving for the following issue.


Frequently, our forms will contain one-off pick lists that pertain to specific events or data points we are trying to capture in addition to standard data points.  Example:  Select the three top technologies which are most important to your digital strategy, what is your biggest challenge in adopting a digital strategy, which ERP platform is your organization on, how many users do you have, etc.


The organization's existing approach is to create new fields in MKTO for each of these and use a form field type of select and to edit the select values in each case as appropriate.


This isn't scalable as requests for new pick lists are constantly requested for new purposes.  The flat file is continuously expanding and custom fields cannot be deleted after being created.


How is the community handling this type of thing?  Has anyone found an approach which is particularly effective?  We need to have the ability to create custom pick lists on any form but are worried about the ever expanding file layout..


Any advice is much appreciated!