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Consent to marketing communications - trigger campaign

Question asked by c1a5c2b2f7d3a4054d47c0aeeaff2179dd5a5815 on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hello - we are monitoring and automating changes to our marketing consent field by using a trigger campaign which listens for the following:


  • Data Value Changes: Consent to marketing communications, New Value = false. In this instance, we will be unsubscribing people.
  • Data Value Changes: Consent to marketing communications, New Value = true. In this instance we will make sure people are opted in to our communications.


A few questions:


If someone submits a form, and 'Consent to marketing communications' value is on it - would this trigger a data value change if they do not check the box, but submit the form? Would it only trigger if they do check that box?


I had also thought about using, 'Fills out form is any' and use a filter to see what the consent to marketing communications value is. HOWEVER - we are only showing this field if a prospect's email address is empty (i.e, we don't know them). So wouldn't want to change someone who didn't see this checkbox, (even though it existed on the form and was just hidden) to opted out, because it wouldn't be a true reflection. We're using legitimate interest here FYI.


At the moment - everyone in our database has the 'Consent to marketing communications' value marked as false - would we need to check that box for everyone ahead of GDPR date in order for these rules to truly work? This doesn't feel like best practice, but not sure what else to do?


HELP please!