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Campaign Opt-Ins For Publishers In The GDPR World

Question asked by Devin McDonnell on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Josh Hill

I'm sure I don't need to mention the looming deadline of GDPR as it's been top of mind for Marketers everywhere for the last year.


As a digital media firm, publishing hundreds of pieces of content sponsored by our clients, our challenges have been a bit different than most and we've have spent a huge amount of time making sure all our bases are covered. One of the final steps that we are taking has unveiled an interesting challenge that I'm struggling with currently and I'm hoping some of you brilliant folks can provide some clarity.


As of right now, a piece of content such as a white paper is sponsored by a client. When a lead fills out the form* and downloads that white paper, we go ahead and pass along the lead to that client. It is clearly spelled out in our Privacy Policy that by filling out a form* for a content piece, you are agreeing to have your information sent to a sponsor and consent to receiving communication from a sponsor. However, in the new GDPR world, this will no longer be sufficient. According to the document, The lead now needs to opt-in (by checking a box on the form*) and consent to have their data sent to that specific sponsor as well as receiving communication from that sponsor. We will also need to create records of each piece of content they opt-in for so that there is a clear log to reference should we ever need to audit. While activity history is comprehensive, it's not a permanent record as the data is lost after 24 months.


Following me so far?


The problem here is that you cannot create a field in Marketo that is specific to any one program or form*. Thus, by creating a global custom field, it will be overwritten every time a lead opts into a new piece of content. I then started researching "Many-to-Many" Custom Objects in Marketo with the hope that it may be able to help with what I'm looking for, but quite frankly, I find it a bit confusing. I'm wondering if someone can help suggest a feature in Marketo that can be utilized to do the following:


  1. Include a checkbox on each of our forms* that uniquely provides consent to have lead data transferred to the sponsor of that specific piece of content.
  2. Create a log (attached to each lead) that lists every form* they've opted into (by clicking the checkbox).
  3. Similarly, have a log (attached to each form*) that lists the leads that have opted into (by clicking the checkbox).


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


*We have a unique form for each piece of content that we publish as fields vary greatly between each campaign and sponsor. Thus, we have hundreds of forms.