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    Persistent cookie tracking and UTM

    Sid Patil

      Hello Guys,


      I have come across a UTM tracking scenario and hope you guys could help me out


      I have a Facebook ad using which I sent visitors to a web page. Once a visitor (anonymous) visits this webpage (say www.abc.com/sid), a munchkin cookie is associated with him. However, I do not have any forms on this webpage for lead generation. But, let's say if this anonymous visitor fills out form on any other webpage, will I be able to associate my original UTM parameters with this present activity of this anonymous visitor?


      If not, how do I go about achieving this? I am also open to any alternate solutions you guys may have!


      Thank you so much!!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Sid,


          The munchkin will log the UTMs and you will be able to find them in the "visit web page" activities.


          But unless you organize yourself to store the UTMs when the person lands on the first page in a persistent way, there is no way the Form can capture the UTMs. on the second page. You will need some JS to do this and typically, you will capture the UTMs and store them in cookies or in local storage, then you will use another JS to read these and add them to the forms or you will read the cookie values from the form itself with hidden fields.


          You can also implement the excellent ConversionPath from Inga Romanoff.