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How do I update one field with a month/year value based on the date of a status change?

Question asked by Alex Bridges on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Jay Jiang

Hello there!


For analytics purposes, when a lead reaches a particular status, we're looking to update a new field with the month and year of when that status is reached. Currently, we're using the system.dateTime token for another field (which this new field will be replacing), but it gives too much information for what we're trying to do.


So, my question(s) for you all-

1. How can I update a field value to grab the current month and year, based on when a particular status updates? (Initial thought was to build a token, script it, and then update the field using a smart campaign with the token inserted into 'update field value', but it only displayed the token, not a value.)

2. How can I update the same field for everyone who reached the current status in the past, who had the dateTime token in the other, now-obsolete field? (basically taking the value of the old field, stripping it to just month/year, and then putting the new value in the new field)?