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Landing Page Performance Report not tracking my clicks through twitter

Question asked by Calvin Pineda on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Calvin Pineda

Hey guys,


My company often post articles in twitter and these articles are set up as "landing pages" in Marketo. I'm using the "Landing Page Performance Report" to track our views and noticed that the "Twitter" column is not generating views, even though I arrived to the landing page via a twitter post link. What might be going on here? the link is working because my test clicks are generating views under the "Total Column" but the "Twitter Column" stays at 0. I'll be attaching a snippet



The 8 total views are my test clicks on the twitter link. It might be some configuration issue where the "views" are not configured to update the appropiate social channel it came from, but where would I go to fix this? the "Setup" tab of the report just allows me to change the date range of the report,


Thanks in advance,