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Question - Is there an "Eloqua Discover" type of Plugin from Marketo into Salesforce? (Not Marketo Sales Insight)

Question asked by 4285cb61d4da5042809613bd2ebf738329ef6c1b on May 17, 2018
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Hey Marketo Nation - I had a question on behalf of one of my Sales Reps. It's pertaining to a certain “plug-in” or “add-on” that we’re looking for to sync between Marketo into Salesforce.


Essentially, he’s looking for something very similar to a tool called “Eloqua Discover” that we used to have in our old Eloqua instance, where he was able to sort, export, etc. his Leads/Contacts, as well as setup alerts when one of his Leads/Contacts takes action. Here is the link on the Salesforce AppExchange for this:


Is this a possible add-on/plug-in for Salesforce from Marketo?


The Marketo Sales Insight Plugin doesn’t really accomplish what he’s trying to do as it’s a static screen and he’s unable to sort columns or export lists from here on the Marketo Sales Insight Plugin, which he was able to do via the Eloqua Discover App.


What he’s looking for is essentially a view that’s similar to “Eloqua Discover”, which is shown in the Screenshots below:





He can actually sort the columns appropriately & export lists as he see’s fit, as well as setup alerts for whenever his Lead/Contact performs an action. It doesn’t look like Marketo Sales Insight has the ability to do this for him.


Please advise if there’s another in-house or 3rd party tool offered by Marketo that can accomplish this. Perhaps it’s available on the SFDC AppExchange or something? I've been doing a search but unable to locate anything like that for Marketo.