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    Custom Form Fields with Individual Flows

    Chasity Gibson

      New to Marketo but am a marketing automation veteran (HubSpot), hi!


      I would like to create a Contact Us form that includes a custom field with checkbox option:

      "What can we help you with?"

      - Sales

      - Training

      - Support


      Then, based on what box is selected, I'd like to create a custom flow to send them an automated email, change their lead score, and add them to a specific list. Example:

      - Person selects "Sales" checkbox

      - Marketo adds them to a "Sales Inquiry" smart list

      - Marketo changes their lead score to 50


      But each checkbox would have its own custom flow.


      I know how to create a custom field but am having issues creating the custom checkboxes and flows. Is this possible?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please move the thread to Products and we'll help you there (this isn't a support space). Move link is at the right.

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            Justin Laberge

            Hi Chasity,


            I just want to point out, you're trying to build several things that need to be built separately in order to be effective and trackable.


            To start, how far in is your marketo instance? Is there leadscoring already built?


            The things you are talking about here include:

            • How leads are handled when they enter marketo
            • Lead scoring
            • Lead Nurturing
            • Segmentation


            Basically, you need to build the structure around your instance before you can start building the exact actions.


            (Simplified) Steps to getting there:

            • Add a field for the checkbox selection (determine if this will be an SFDC field as well)
            • Build your landing page and form
            • Create a skeleton lead scoring folder and programs for changing scores
              • Create scoring for each selection type
              • Create more scoring later in this same folder
            • Create a folder to handle how the lead will enter marketo and be added to smartlists/lists


            This is all very, very basic and will need to be revised overtime as you become more familiar with Marketo. Creating flowcharts can help with this but I can't emphasize enough that you should keep your programs separate from another so that it's easy to identify what is not working if a smart campaign is broken.

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              Sanford Whiteman

              As you build out in accordance with Justin's (great) suggestions, also consider whether these fields should indeed be Booleans (which may be the most obvious -- but not best -- datatype to present as a checkbox on forms).


              You can get a lot more out of Datetime or Date fields instead. You can still present checkboxes on the form side, but (using a bit of Forms JS customization or a Flow step) have the fields be SalesInterestAsOfDate, TrainingInterestAsOfDate, etc. and so directly reflect the lifecycle. (And of course, by being empty/non-empty they also represent true/false, so they're a superset of Booleans.)


              Much food for thought here, but definitely listen to Justin's suggestion and think about your whole buildout as opposed to just this one piece, which on its own is simple.

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                Grégoire Michel

                Hi Chasity,


                You probably want to look at Marketo university and get some training. The 2 systems (Hubspot and Marketo) are different enough to justify a minimum retraining.


                Start here: Official Marketo Training and Education - Marketo . Some of the free training will give you a head start.