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GDPR/Others: Do you distinguish the individual location versus company (HQ, Franchise, Sub-location)

Question asked by Lillian Huang on May 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Frank Elley

For B2B - are there any other companies out there designating fields to track actual person location in addition to company's?

Ex fields: Country, State and Individual Country, Individual State


Someone fills out the web form - if it is not specifically stated to mention business location (which can be argued that there are several diff office locations), then would it be safe to assume that a prospect is going to fill out a form based on their actual location? Whether they are located at HQ, other office, remote, etc.

An accompanying rationality to this assumption is that if someone @ Company XYZ (HQ located in the United States) states they are located in France (when they are a remote worker), this could overwrite the existing field (current value = USA) if your regional fields are directly mapped to Account level and such.


I'd like to understand different logics and if other companies are already applying such systematic processes or in planning.

If not, is tracking data on individual location considered over-architecting, and why?