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    GDPR New Fields

    Margherita Herold

      Hi all,


      I would like to understand how to be compliant with GDPR.


      I know that some fields will be added in Marketo.

      Can anyone tell me if these have been already created or if I have to do it by myself in my CRM firstly?


      I do not have neither the fields in lead profile.


      Thank you in advance!



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          Darrell Alfonso



          You can go to admin > field management. Search for the fields and drag them on to the canvas.


          It will tell you if they exist, and what fields they are mapped to in the CRM.


          If they are not there, you will need to create them. If it needs to be mapped to CRM, you should create them in CRM first, not Marketo first.

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              Josh Hill



              I believe those fields are from Marketo's short GDPR tutorial, which may not entirely work for every business. You also have to build the forms and workflows behind that. And create the Fields first.


              Marketo is not inherently GDPR compliant without work on the Admin's part. Would really recommend discussing this with your legal team before implementing.

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                  Amy Connor

                  Agree with Josh. You should really talk to your legal team and understand exactly how GDPR applies to your business. Then you want to map out all the ways that person data comes into your system (you might have different types of consent for different types of people), before figuring out the Marketo fields and flows. We also have separate checkboxes for "Consent to Processing" and "Consent to Direct Marketing".