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Exclusion in Engagement Program

Question asked by 1e0324f5de451242894a1ae18f0101f39beef6b0 on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by 2779ade872da6396152a87885da9b877df09aec2
Hi All,

I have an Engagment program set up, and and Inbound campaign that will add leads into the Engagement program.

However, any leads that has been generated through the inbound campaign will have to skip the 1st email in the Engagement program. Thus, i has this set up and wondering if this will prevent all these unique leads from receiving email 1 in the furure casts.


By doing so, i am not sure if the lead will still receive Email 1 in future cast. will the Engagement program takes over and overwrite the rules stated in the smart campaign?

How do i ensure that the leads that i want to exclude from Email 1 will not receive email 1?