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What Marketo Swag do you want to see in Purple Select?

Question asked by Will Harmon Employee on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by cbb5d3f116784e970bf389202c9599728620025e

Hello Purple People,


It's about time we refreshed our swag stock in the Purple Select rewards store! Rather than guess what you fine advocates want, I thought why not just ask you directly? Consider this your swag safe space; no reward idea is too crazy to post. We're listening!


If you need a little inspiration, our store today carries fun swag like Marketo hoodies, onesies, and sweatshirt blankets. Who knows, maybe if your idea ends up in our store we can send a little love your way!




You can sign into Purple Select anytime by following this link or visiting Don’t have an account yet? Email me directly at and I’ll handle the rest!