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Editing Marketo Starter Templates causes -webkit margins to expand

Question asked by Jon-Sun Lu on May 10, 2018
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I was wondering if anybody has had this weird issue when creating emails via Marketo's starter email templates.


What happens is I try to create an email using a Marketo starter template, then as soon as I edit any text module, the margins before and after module expand by 1em....  I can't edit the top margins and there are no marketo spacer modules above and below them. When I inspect the email in gmail, I notice the user agent stylesheet is giving the following markup to the p tag:


p {     display: block;   

     -webkit-margin-before: 1em;    

     -webkit-margin-after: 1em;    

     -webkit-margin-start: 0px;    

     -webkit-margin-end: 0px;



Super annoying as I can't seem to even override the user agent stylesheet either. I'm attaching 2 pics to show the before and after state of editing a module.


Thanks for any insight!