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    Editing Marketo Starter Templates causes -webkit margins to expand

    Jon-Sun Lu



      I was wondering if anybody has had this weird issue when creating emails via Marketo's starter email templates.


      What happens is I try to create an email using a Marketo starter template, then as soon as I edit any text module, the margins before and after module expand by 1em....  I can't edit the top margins and there are no marketo spacer modules above and below them. When I inspect the email in gmail, I notice the user agent stylesheet is giving the following markup to the p tag:


      p {     display: block;   

           -webkit-margin-before: 1em;    

           -webkit-margin-after: 1em;    

           -webkit-margin-start: 0px;    

           -webkit-margin-end: 0px;



      Super annoying as I can't seem to even override the user agent stylesheet either. I'm attaching 2 pics to show the before and after state of editing a module.


      Thanks for any insight!

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          Dave Roberts

          Hey Jon-Sun,


          It looks like your email settings might be set to be adding a <p> around text that you enter into an editable area.

          There was a discussion about something similar here: Email Editor line spacing



              Photo Credit: thanks, Joe Reitz


          When you setup a template and inside the editable area there is only text (not a <p> or <div>) and this setting in admin is either "p" or "div", then Marketo will help you out by wrapping your text in that element (but only after you've edited that module). It sounds like turning that off should help out -- in the big picture, we also usually try to stay away from using the <p> element in email b/c it display differently depending on which system you're using to render it.


          You'll probably want to have a peek at your Admin > Email >  Edit Text Editor Settings and change the setting for email from <p> to either <div> or "none". Generally, we'll set this to "none" so that you aren't getting any unexpected "help" when you update the editable areas.