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Re-adding people back in to an engagement program who were exhausted

Question asked by David Jackman on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by David Jackman

Hey all,


I'm trying to figure out if people who were in a stream and had exhausted all content should still be seen by Marketo as exhausted if they are later added back into the EP into the same stream they were in when they were previously a member... fyi - there has been no changes to the content in the stream (and no new content added) since they were added back.


I added people back in as members that weren't supposed to be removed, and although they are in the same stream they were in, they are not showing as "exhausted" when I check the exhausted column or smart list exhausted constraint. This leads me to wonder if the "exhausted" status only spawns once the cast actually goes out. I have yet to set the cast to go out again to test, as I don't want anyone getting the same email more than once by mistake.


Anyone have any knowledge on this?


p.s. I do already know that it's not a best practice to remove anyone from an EP, and typically have inactive streams set up for this kind thing but it was an exception.


Thanks so much!