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    Smart campaign wait steps

    Sarah Wilson

      I have an existing drip campaign running successfully, and one of our sales reps put together a list of new prospects that we'd like to also receive the 8 emails from the drip campaign. So I created a new smart campaign that targets members of salesforce campaign - and the flow is setup as: Send email 1, wait 1 week, send email 2, wait 1 week, send email 3, wait 1 week ...and so on. Because this smart campaign is set up as a batch campaign schedule to run once, will the members of the campaign still receive my emails week after week?

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          Devraj Grewal



          So the batch campaign will run once and have no recurrence? If so, all members will be added in once and go through the flow as expected. They will remain in the flow unless you use the "Remove from flow" step or they complete all flow steps. just place another filter in the smart campaign's smart list that makes sure they are not already a member of the previous smart campaign sending the same emails.


          As a note, the main issue you come across with long wait steps is that if some action takes place that would have disqualified the person from the smart campaign occurs, it will not remove people from the flow. An example is if the person is removed from that SFDC campaign, becomes a Customer, etc. These actions would disqualify them from the flow, so make sure to consider these.

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