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Series webinar confirmation email + dynamic content

Question asked by 21090c330c6df04fd38c1faffd635bdadbcf91e9 on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Josh Hill

I'm trying to figure out a scalable means of constructing the confirmation email for a webinar series that we're running. The desired process is for a lead to register for multiple webinars in the series from a single form submission (easy). then to receive a single confirmation email listing which webinars they had registered in that submission (k, we can pull that from the field into which those selections are submitting), and then also include ics links/add to google calendar URLs for each of those webinars--all in the same confirmation email.

I feel like this is doable without creating a version of that area of content (either separate emails or dynamic content aligned with a segmentation with a ton of segments) per variant of which webinar sessions are selected.