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    How to Pull Smart List to Include Last Email Opened

    Chelsea Boice

      Hi There,


      I'm trying to pull a contact list that includes last email opened. I looked at creating a custom field but I cannot figure out how to have it mapped to the last item in the campaign activity log. I just need a field with the email name, that's it. (We have multiple emails running at once so it would be a bit tedious to export a smart list for every email, so I'm looking for an alternative.


      Or how can I update Last interesting moment to include ALL marketing emails sent?


      Thank you,


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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Chelsea,


          You will need to create a field, then add a smart campaign with a "opens email" trigger and a "data value change" flow step. The new value for the field will be "{{trigger.Name}}".


          BUT (and there at least 2 very big BUT's):

          1. this type of smart campaign can quickly overload your Marketo instance and impact the performance
          2. Email open activities are quite unreliable because it relies on the download of a pixel image. People who do not download images (outlook default) are not seen as opens. And Anti-virus software will download the image and fire the trigger, and yet no human being has opened the email.



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