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"Ends with" Constraint

Question asked by 2be0760f128de667aab5ba74bbe3be1717acbb10 on May 4, 2018
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In his (excellent) summit session "Under the Hood II: Tuning Batch Campaign Performance", Scott Nash recommended using an "ends with" constraint when filtering on Email Address where contains "@<email domain>" doesn't do the job because of subdomains (and where you don't want Marketo searching through zillions of emails as it would have to do with "contains <email domain>" without the "@" symbol. At the time I thought this constraint must have been added without my noticing and - to be honest - was embarrassed to have missed such a useful addition. However, there is no such constraint available in either of the Marketo instances I currently have access to. Has anyone seen this? Is it a secret feature you have to ask for?


Justin Cooperman - Can you shed any light on this?