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    One Form / Program for multiple product pages (Data overwritten)

    Luis Bellani

      Hi all!
      This is my first participation on the forum.



      Here´s my issue:
      We have multiple products, and each of them has a "product page" with a form.Forms are made by us and data is passed over to a hidden marketo form in the page.


      Form fields are:
      - First Name- Last Name

      - Email Address

      - Phone Number
      Product (this value is automatically filled depending on the product page the visitor is sending the form from)


      We created a Web Request Program with a "Fills out form" campaign.
      The problem is that if a user fills multiple forms, all data stays the same (that makes totally sense, ) but the product value keeps updating, and we won t be able to see all of them (or at list thats what we are afraid of now).


      Do I need to duplicate the program for each product page (considering that this means I need to re create all the forms and link all the forms with the marketo js script provided) ?


      I am abit confused about how to work this out.  Has anybody experienced something like this before?


      btw: we are also syncing to sales force prof.


      thanks in advance.