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One Form / Program for multiple product pages (Data overwritten)

Question asked by Luis Bellani on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Luis Bellani

Hi all!
This is my first participation on the forum.



Here´s my issue:
We have multiple products, and each of them has a "product page" with a form.Forms are made by us and data is passed over to a hidden marketo form in the page.


Form fields are:
- First Name- Last Name

- Email Address

- Phone Number
Product (this value is automatically filled depending on the product page the visitor is sending the form from)


We created a Web Request Program with a "Fills out form" campaign.
The problem is that if a user fills multiple forms, all data stays the same (that makes totally sense, ) but the product value keeps updating, and we won t be able to see all of them (or at list thats what we are afraid of now).


Do I need to duplicate the program for each product page (considering that this means I need to re create all the forms and link all the forms with the marketo js script provided) ?


I am abit confused about how to work this out.  Has anybody experienced something like this before?


btw: we are also syncing to sales force prof.


thanks in advance.