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    Leads by Filter Type

    Sampada Desai

      I am trying to write a C# code to extract Leads by filterType. Here is the sample code I am referring to.



      the example says filter type is email but I have to change it as UpdatedAt. The below link says the Date range filter should specify a start and End limit using a JSON format



      Has anyone tried using the filter? how would the JSON format be defined in C#?




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          Sanford Whiteman

          You're mixing together different endpoints. The Bulk Extract API has almost nothing in common with other APIs, so don't take your guidance from there.


          You can't use updatedAt as a filterType for /rest/v1/leads.json. As the docs state:

          The lead field to filter on. Custom fields (string, email, integer), and the following field types are supported: id, cookies, email, twitterId, facebookId, linkedInId, sfdcAccountId, sfdcContactId, sfdcLeadId, sfdcLeadOwnerId, sfdcOpptyId.


          Please explain exactly what you're trying to return from the database.

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