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    credit bureau integrations with Marketo?

    David Eldred

      Has anyone connected to the Credit Bureau like Experian, Equifax, Trans Union, to feed credit history data into Marketo for use in automating pre-approved offers of credit?

      Does Marketo have any integration partnerships with any of the credit bureaus?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          There is no technical barrier to importing such data, but there is almost surely a legal barrier.


          Marketo is not PCI compliant, and while credit payment info and credit history are not a 100% overlap, the latter can be even more sensitive.


          There may additionally be a contractual barrier with the credit bureau that prevents you at that level as well.


          Talk to your lawyer, but aside from medical history, I can't think of data I would be less comfortable storing in Marketo.

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              David Eldred

              Yes, I agree: storing such information online is fraught with issues. But when connected, sensitive info isn't what is passed.

              In banking, credit history is used to identify who may qualify for a particular loan. So it's really just a filter at the credit bureau itself and the only thing passed to Marketo is the name.

              From a legal standpoint, also not an issue, as regulation already exists in how such data may be used.

              The question isn't should it be done, the question is: does Marketo have an integration partner with any of the credit bureau to enable automating the filtering and passing of customer names who qualify for an offer?

              I can't find any listed within the Launchpoint portal, but I have to admit, Launchpoint is not intuitive -- so I thought I'd ask the community.