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Not complying with GDPR from Australia

Question asked by Sarah Hare on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by Josh Hill

We are an Australian company that does not sell, market to or do any business across the EU and as such we do not wish to comply with the GDPR.  But, given we use Marketo we find ourselves in the position of inadvertently collecting data on people who we don't want to be.

I'm after some clarification after reading ALL the information here - Is it possible to enable "Do Not Track" for certain geographical reasons? I.e. the EU.

I am investigating WordPress Plugins as well but cannot get a straight definitive answer.

One idea that I am keen on is removing all EU options from forms and adding a disclaimer to the forms/ privacy policy saying our products are not for them BUT we will still be tracking them!


A simple (or even complicated but correct) answer would be most appreciated.


Thanks so much,