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Bots increasing engagement scores?

Question asked by Lindsay Lamb on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Justin Laberge

I have seen a couple of posts about the issue of bots/spam filters clicking on all of the links in e-mails, which then causes the contact's engagement score to increase... leading us to believe the contact is engaging with our content when in fact they haven't even seen the e-mail yet!


I have seen people suggesting hiding pixels, embedding codes, etc... and it may be because I am still very much learning Marketo, but... can the following be a solution?


When I look at e-mails that were clicked on by bots, I notice the clicks happen right after "email delivered", but there isn't activity logged for "email opened".

Email Delivered.JPG


When I look at e-mails where I know the contact was the one who actually clicked, they have "email delivered" > "opened email" and then "click email".

Email Open.JPG 


This has been consistent from what I can tell.  Bots click right after delivery, and actual contacts open after delivery and then click.  


My Lead Scoring originally just assigned 2 points if they clicked a link in an email.  If I add a trigger that requires them to also have "opened email", would that solve this issue?  I assume then, it won't add scores for bot activity since the "open email" trigger doesn't happen?  Or do Triggers not work that way and you can't combine them together with an AND statement? Am I missing something?  Thank you!

Scoring Clicks Link.JPG