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    Hidden date stamp field

    Steph Anderson

      We have a report that is sent to our leadership once a week that details who filled out forms, and what form it was. I would like to add a hidden field on the form that "date stamps" when that form was filled out so I can pull that in as a column in the report.

      Does such a field exist? Or Can I create one?


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          Devraj Grewal



          There is no field like that out-of-the-box so you can create a custom Datetime field in Marketo. I would opt to create a smart campaign instead of adding the hidden field to every single form. Create a smart campaign:


          Smart list: trigger: "Fills out form" and list all of the forms

          Flow: Change Data Value: select the new custom Datetime field and input the value: {{system.datetime}}


          In the Setup of the smart campaign allow leads to run through the flow every time. When people run through, the new field will be timestamped with the current system date and time. You can then bring this column into a report.


          Make a note that when someone fills out another form and qualifies for this smart campaign again, it will override this field with the most recent form fill date.

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            Jimmy Spencer

            Hi Steph,


            Depending on your use case, there may be a simpler solution for you.


            Are you only needing to report on the first time someone completes a form? If so, you can add your form to a program (or create a smart campaign as a go between) and then use the program membership date for your report.


            If people are completing the same form multiple times, and you need to report on each individual completion, then this solution can still work.


            It will be more complex and would require you to be storing this information outside of marketo to keep a running tally (as program memberships would be removed and then rewritten for each form fillout).

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              Steph Anderson

              Based on both of your responses I ended up just adding a flow step to my "fills out form" interesting moment campaign.

              I created a new field "Last form filled out date," and then put a flow step in the interesting moment campaign to "Change data value" with {{system.datetime}}.


              It's perfect, so now I don't have to add that flow step to all of my form campaigns.


              Thanks so much!!

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