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Help understanding analytics

Question asked by Adam Pikington on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Beth Massura

I ran an Email Send program that has a Smart Campaign where Smart List is anyone who "Clicks Link in Email" and Flow is "Change Program Success" to Influenced resulting in 2050 Members with a status of "Influenced". In the Summary section of the program dashboard it shows 10,546 Opens. I then made a Smart List with the filters "Member of Program" with status of "Influenced" AND also "Opened Email" of that program/email which showed 830.


SO, if there are 2050 members with status of "Influenced" (because they clicked a link in that email) how can there only be 830 that opened the email? While the dashboard shows 10,546 opens...


I just want to know who is the most interested in our email which is why I set the "Change Program Success" flow step to anyone that "Clicks Link in Email" so their member status would change to "Influenced"