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List importing (with existing members) into Engagement Programs

Question asked by David Jackman on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hey guys,


I have a nurture I set up where we are sending out emails to specific leads, encouraging them to take certain classes/webinars, and then once they take all classes, they are routed into a marketing stream. Each stream is set to a certain status (ex: "Taken class A, but not B, - which would spawn an email telling them to take class B). I've set up custom fields with a date that ea. specific class was taken on. (Our vendor sends us the list each week which contains new leads as well as leads already in our system--a number of them already in the engagement program - so the only way we know whether they have taken another class is when a new list comes in with those class dates in the excel field (which I upload into Marketo). In order to manage this, I've set up an "entry" stream with no content- just set up for determining what date fields (classes are taken) are filled and what's not for anyone that gets entered, and from there it sends to the appropriate content stream.


Here's my question:


Scenario: I have someone (call them "Richard") in Stream 3 for example (took class A but not B), and we are waiting to see what next class they take/not take to move them along or not. A new list comes in and I upload that list into the engagement program. Inside that list contains Richard, with an updated class date field (or even if no fields have changed, I think my question would still be the same):


Once list uploaded, will Richard... A: Be sent from Stream 3 into the Stream 1 (entry stream) again, and then route him from there, or will... B: the engagement program see that he's already inside and skip adding him into Stream 1 again?


The main reason I ask is that I have long wait steps set up that apply to people in certain streams for this logic (used for follow ups/adding to marketing based on time, etc), so ideally, I wouldn't want people getting shifted back into Stream 1 each time they are re-uploaded from a new list with an update.


Thanks for your help!