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Installing Google Adwords Converion Tracking Tag on Marketo Landing Pages

Question asked by 69f3e980a2cd9bfbc1c01b9920168f52b683b327 on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Community,


I believe I set it up correctly (fingers crossed), but would like confirmation from someone who has dealt with installing Google Adwords conversion tags onto their Marketo landing pages. Basically, I have 2 landing page templates. One landing page is the landing page someone will be directed to if they click on the Google Ad. The second landing page, is the confirmation (thank you) page after they fill out a form and click a button.


From my understanding, I need to install the global site tag on both landing pages, correct?


The page we want to track, is the confirmation (thank you) page. This is the landing page I need to add the event snippet, with the additional onclick attribute? This instruction is where I get thrown off: "Add an onclick attribute directly to the code for the button or link you'd like to track. The code you use will depend on how the link or button is displayed on your site: as a text link, button, or button image."



Can someone please confirm where I should add the event snippet with the onclick attribute?