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    Progressive Profiling Form does not submit a POST request

    Robert Jakobson

      Hi, we are using a form with progressive profiling. It loads just fine, however, submitting the version of the form with only the e-mail field showing - it does not work. Basically, as silly as it sounds, clicking the submit button does not trigger a POST request. Link: 3connectIT - API family that enables automated integration


      First thing I noticed was that a couple of empty divs with the class mktoFormRow were aligned over the button and it's containing row mktoButtonRow. So off I went to use z-index, positioning etc.. to get the button to be the foremost element in the stacking order. Did that, but no luck. Still, the button click does nothing in Marketo. However, we have Facebook and Google Analytics conversion/event tracking installed and those register the button click just fine (and I tested that those fired specifically on clicking the button and not any other element) - even when no C


      So how can we get this to work? I am at my wit's end. Recap:


      When the form shows a single field (e-mail address, when a cookie is present):

      • Google Analytics and Facebook tracking register events based on the button click so the button is clickable to them (not hidden behind the rows)
      • Marketo does not start a POST request
      • Using CSS z-index, positioning and margins to manipulate the button, it's containing span or row does not change the behaviour.


      When the form shows all 3 fields (another browser, cookies cleared etc..):

      • Marketo does its POST submission as usual
      • GA and FB register events as expected etc..


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