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Engagement Programs?

Question asked by Aaron Banko on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Aaron Banko

Hello All


so i have this strategy below and need some advice in what would be the best to utilize i.e. engagement streams or just normal drip (i am swaying towards normal drip programs just because of different complexities that leads will be doing).




there are specific statues that leads will need to go into the below flows and if their status would happen to change to not one of the statues allowed they would need to be removed from flow (if not using EP's) and/or paused, once removed (say they are in the Unreached segment below) and their status changes to a status in the reached flow they will need to go into that flow (basically a lead will continuously flow into one of the below unless their either finish the flow or convert)

2. we also target Canada so using programs within the engagement streams would be helpful in that aspect.

3. As far as i know as long as i have the (SC qualifications set to lead can go into flow x number of times will allow them to receive the same email more than once) within the programs nested in engagement streams


any insight would be much appreciated