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    Engagement Programs?

    Aaron Banko

      Hello All


      so i have this strategy below and need some advice in what would be the best to utilize i.e. engagement streams or just normal drip (i am swaying towards normal drip programs just because of different complexities that leads will be doing).




      there are specific statues that leads will need to go into the below flows and if their status would happen to change to not one of the statues allowed they would need to be removed from flow (if not using EP's) and/or paused, once removed (say they are in the Unreached segment below) and their status changes to a status in the reached flow they will need to go into that flow (basically a lead will continuously flow into one of the below unless their either finish the flow or convert)

      2. we also target Canada so using programs within the engagement streams would be helpful in that aspect.

      3. As far as i know as long as i have the (SC qualifications set to lead can go into flow x number of times will allow them to receive the same email more than once) within the programs nested in engagement streams


      any insight would be much appreciated



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          Dan Stevens.

          Aaron - when using nested/child programs in an EP, a person can only qualify for this once.  Even when not qualified - and just "tested" for qualification during the smart list - they won't be able to qualify for that same email/program in the future.  See this idea for more information:


          Allow members - who previously did not qualify for an engagement program email - to qualify again in the future

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            Anita Singh

            I wouldn't remove any program members from an engagement program as that will remove them from your reporting. Your best bet would be to have a trigger smart campaign to Pause the members if they fit your rules for getting removed. With the engagement streams you can use the transition rules or utilize smart campaigns when moving people into different streams depending on your rules' complexities. I would first try to use the transition rules to pull in those that you need into each stream. However, if it's too challenging then I would move to using smart campaign to do the heavy lifting.


            I hope this help

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                Aaron Banko

                hello Anita thank you for your insight. Thats what i was going for and yeah i would for sure not want to remove them and loose data. I wanted to utilize engagement programs for this build however, i need leads that would qualify for the campaign again to receive the same content again and having nested programs (which i would be using) they can only qualify for it once hence wont allow leads that went through it to go through it again.