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Forms: Change field label alignment for some fields, not all

Question asked by Justin Morris on Apr 20, 2018
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I realize this is more of a coding question, but I'm having some issues finding answers in other outlets since the Marketo forms are a bit different. So we have a form that has all the labels above the fields. We want to add two check boxes (two different questions/fields) below the form (agree to TOS, etc). I was able to add the fields as a checkbox, have no label, and just add a text field to the right of the form. So it looks almost correct. But since it's coded to have all labels above the field, the blank label still shows the asterisk for it being a required field. So it looks a little odd. Is there anyway to override the Marketo setting of having the labels above the fields on the setting page just for these two fields? This is a form that is embedded on a non-Marketo page.  Any help would be appreciated - thank you!