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    SFDC Account Name Sync Problem. Is this common?

    Chirag Agarwal

      Wondering if it's a Marketo or SFDC problem but for some reason the SFDC Account Names are populating on Marketo profiles with "View Hierarchy" link in them, so here's how the values look:


      Google <a href="/acc/account_hierarchy.jsp?id=0010C00001v3ooy" target="_blank">[View Hierarchy]</a>

      Amazon <a href="/acc/account_hierarchy.jsp?id=001F0000002WrPj" target="_blank">[View Hierarchy]</a>

      Goldman Sachs Investment Partners <a href="/acc/account_hierarchy.jsp?id=001A0000001Wnhy" target="_blank">[View Hierarchy]</a>


      On SFDC, they have View Hierarchy link but when I run a report on Account with the filter "Account Name IS Goldman Sachs Investment Partners", it works.






      Is there a way to solve this?