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Velocity Scripting

Question asked by Shayla McKnight on Apr 20, 2018

Hey guys,


Anybody have experience with Velocity Scripting? We are using custom objects for our Tactile Marketing Automation webhooks. I want to be able to pull some fields out of the custom object and put in an email alert. For example, in our custom object we have the fields order number, status, tracking number, delivery date, etc. Once the custom object is updated with the status of delivered I want to pull the tracking number field and delivery date field into an email alert to the sales rep. I've learn that you can not do this in a SF task. So going with an email alert. I understand that in order to pull the fields I need to create a my token and use velocity scripting. How can I pull this info and how can I pull the correct custom object? I worry that if we send multiple physical pieces there are multiple custom object entries, how does it know to pull the correct one?