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Logging Assistant's Activity in Marketo

Question asked by Peter Kim on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Kenny Elkington
Since I understand that there is no concrete way of doing this presently in Marketo, I was just curious on some workarounds that other Marketo users have been employing to get around the issue of Marketo being unable to log an assistant's email activity under their respective exec's record?

Our reps oftentimes sends emails directly to the assistants expecially if the assistant had previously requested that any emails addressed to their respective executive must be sent to them directly where they could filter/forward themselves. It would be good to track email opens/clicks for these emails and have it tie back to the executive without having to add the assistants as separate contacts. We have custom fields in each of our contact records where our reps can fill in the assistant's contact info and this would be the ideal way for us to capture/store assistant info.