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    Lots of Webinars!!

    Michael Collins


      we have a need to increase the volume and frequency of our webinars - so let's say one per week. But it's the same audience each time. has anyone found a smart way of getting the usual email comms out for each webinar so that we don't hit the same mailbox 3 times per day.

      One option is to discuss multiple webinars in the same email, but my concern is that registrations will reduce if we give too many options/CTAs...


      anyone got a fix for this?

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          JD Nelson

          The age old dilemma....

          you likey will see decreased registration — we did.

          My reccommendation would be to stagger email cadence with other channels or segment based on topic or preference of user.


          If you send 3 emails per event, try sending 2 and up your promotion the off week on LinkedIn or through adbridge promotions while the email for the other webinar is sent.


          Also, you could include information from one webinar in the thank you for registering email so they have the option to register for another webinar.


          The combos are are endless and will require analysis on what works for your audience — report back so we can see what works!

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            Josh Hill

            There are lots of options. Can you share more about the type of webinar and volumes?

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                Michael Collins

                They'll be gotowebinars that we will record. so single program, single webinar...probably 3 timezones to consider - UK, Nordics, US - same target audience which is the biggest issue...moving from local execution to global execution - so where before each region was ok to set up their own webinars to their own calendar schedule, this is no longer possible - so a single email to the entire audience. Lots of thoughts about referencing multiple webinars in the same email/LP, but ultimately - (as per your post Josh - thanks for that!) - the person who registered has to be pushed to a chold program which takes care of the GTW URL/token. The plan is 1 webinar per week, plus other generic newsletters, nurture programs - so now I'm trying to figure out how that will look in a calendar. The idea has come up that we should send webinar invites on XXX Day of the week, newsletters on YYY day of the week etc, but I'm not sure this is a good idea...