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Cloned program exists, but doesn't appear in Marketing Activities

Question asked by b87ccb5e28c5f7a41b803f6a30e91d29fefb192d on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by b87ccb5e28c5f7a41b803f6a30e91d29fefb192d

We recently cloned a webinar program into the same folder as the webinar we were cloning from. My coworker was able to set up the entire program and send out the necessary emails - but when she went back in later, the program was no where to be found in our Marketing Activities. However, when we go to history or to the audit trail, the program shows up and we can click on the program and interact with it. It just doesn't appear on the left hand side with all the rest of our programs.


We don't have any workspaces set up, so it shouldn't have to do with cloning it to a different workspace.


Has anyone had this experience and know how to get the program listed under Marketing Activities since it already exists?


Thank you