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Opt-in Checkbox on All Forms for GDPR?

Question asked by c13ceb5ee99717c19bb090f7e4710f2c41d3a141 on Apr 19, 2018

Question on expressed consent rules for GDPR: If we want to be able to market to anyone who fills out any of our forms (especially content forms), do we have the ability to add a checkbox to ask for consent on our Marketo forms to ONLY members of the EU (as identified by IP), especially on non-Marketo landing pages? If so, how? Or are you planning to just add the checkbox as an optional field on all forms for all visitors from now on, regardless of country/inferred country?


OR could I just not ask for consent on the form and then have a different version of the content delivery/transactional email that only goes to members of the EU that requests their opt-in consent by clicking on a link in the email (or maybe clicking on a link and filling out a secondary form, just to be safe)? Is anyone going that route? For those of us who market to the EU infrequently, this seems like a less risky option, no?