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How does Block Field Updates work?

Question asked by 6613ecebef1a984e66d7d9e64ae0fe7324814719 on Apr 18, 2018
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I'm trying to block field updates to the Original Source field, as you can see below:




The idea is to let this field get populated once and then never get populated again. Ideally a sales rep will select a value for this in SFDC and it will sync to Marketo and get locked in.

I looked at the options to block updates and find them confusing. I don't know which one to select.


Should I just select all of them if I don't want this field to get updated down the road? If I block Salesforce Sync, will that mean I won't be able to update it the first and only time I want it updated? If the field is empty and I block it, will Marketo update it the first time and then stop updating after that?


Thank you in advance.