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Summit2018 Prep - PART1

Question asked by Ginger Wilson on Apr 18, 2018

Registration for sessions is currently available.   It is highly recommended to register PRIOR to the sessions - otherwise you'll be standing in that long line outside of the room waiting to see if you can get in!


Registering for sessions can only be done via logging into your Summit registration via browser.  Registration is NOT available via the App - you can access your schedule and communicate with others in the App.



Go to

Click Register Now

Click the (really tiny print) Already Registered link

Enter Email Address & your Confirm# (if you don't know it then click the link for them to send it to you)

Once in, click MODIFY on the left

Click Next until you get to the screen that has all of the sessions

For each time period, select your session and remember to click ADD TO AGENDA to each individual session!

Then click through to save at the end.

NOTE:  The site does time out so don't make your selections over the course of the day anticipating they will be saved.


Stay tuned for PART2 with onsite activities - mark TUESDAY LUNCH as an opportunity to meet up with other members