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Want to Run a Last Touch Source Report

Question asked by Brian Whipple on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello! I'm new to the Marketo Nation and am looking for guidance.


I want to run a last touch source report on new leads. Specifically, I want to know the last known external site/place that they came from before they came a lead. In the end, it would look like the Channels in Google Analytics (Organic Search, Direct, Social, etc.).

Even deeper, I would like to report on the next layer. So if Social is the primary channel, which social site did it come from?  (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Or if Referral, what URL did they come from?


What I Know

It seems like a popular way to do this is through UTM parameters. I am not opposed to doing this, but it doesn't help when you have no control over the link. For example, if a publication writes about our company and links to our site, I don't have control over the link and can't add the UTM parameters.


I also know about saving UTM parameter history within Marketo. I have setup UTM and UTM history fields in Marketo up to this point. It just seems like there is more that I'm missing, and would love to learn more about other best practices.