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Summit Info!

Question asked by Christina Lefebvre on Apr 18, 2018
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Hi everyone,


Just finished a MUG leader webinar with some details about Summit that I wanted to share with you!

  • Pre-registration for sessions is required, and can only be done on a desktop/laptop computer, or onsite at Moscone at various kiosks. They sent out an email with instructions how to do this yesterday. It's kind of a clunky process, but worth it to have quicker access to the sessions you want to be at!
  • There will be a mobile app launching later this week! You can join discussions, read threads, build your schedule - however, you cannot officially register for the sessions. I find the mobile app extremely helpful during the conference.
  • There is a dedicated spot in the Expo hall called the "Zen Zone" where MUG members can use as a meetup spot. Anyone interested in meeting up there on Monday?
  • MUG USERS LUNCH: There will be dedicated tables during the regular conference lunch on Tuesday, May 1. Look for signs for the Minneapolis table (or MN region, not sure exactly how they will mark it).


Besides myself, Scott Ryan, Alayna Flor, Jay Orlando, Katy Olson, Abbie Hill and Christina Tibesar - who else is going? If I submit a list to our Community manager, Meghana, of all the Minneapolus MUG attendees, we're entered in a contest to win some swag and recognition. Let me know!