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    iHance or Similar Email Tracking?

      Has anyone used an email tracking partner like iHance? I'm looking for feedback on the best way to track emails that are forwarded to multiple users and how to capture the person's email address to whom information was forwarded. I thought I heard from the Sirius Discussion titled "Marketo & SFDC: Helpful Audits, Alerts & Workflows for Rapidly Growing Companies" that there was a way to obtain this infromation using a Smart List. Is anyone aware of this functionality? 
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          Pierce Ujjainwalla
          If you use Marketo's send to a friend token, you can get information on who the email is forwarded to.

          To find everyone whom an email was forwarded to, you can use the 'Received Forward to a Friend' filter. Similarly, you can see all the people who forwarded emails using the 'Sent Forward to a Friend Email'. The one drawback of this functionality, is after the first email is sent, the person is automatically unsubscribed. I typically recommend that people do an operational email asking if those people who received the forward to a friend would like to remain on the email list.

          I personally have not use iHance but have heard from some of our clients that they have, and like it a lot. It's nice because the Sales people do not have to change their workflows whatsoever. This to me is the biggest advantage over MSI, as even with the Outlook plugin, they still need to change their workflow slightly.
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            Pierce, any chance I could intergrate the two cookies? Could we write some code to copy the data from the iHance cookie on to the Marketo cookie? Ideally this would associate the lead...