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~340k leads that need to be synced to SFDC

Question asked by James Leedom, MCSA on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hi all,


Cleaning an inherited system, cleaning up the scar tissue.


Question 1 - Based on our system's sync capabilities via the "Sync to SFDC" flow step, I can sync around 530 an hour. Other options:

-Sync ~6k overnight each night until completed

-Export all leads, load to SFDC, duplicates synced back to Marketo, then deduped via EasyMerge

-Export all leads, delete leads in Marketo, load to SFDC, leads synced back to Marketo (would rather not do this as we would lose Marketo activity history)


Any other ideas? Option 1 would take a very long time and the other options might overload the system and clog up current trigger campaigns. We want 1:1 leads in Marketo:SFDC so we can fully utilize our global sync.


Question 2 - How do we automatically sync leads from Marketo to SFDC? Is it a trigger campaign with a flow step or is there a reason that we don't have leads going from Marketo to SFDC?


Thank you,