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    Drip campaign with multiple promotions

    Zann Yap

      Hi all, I'm totally new to Marketo and need some help with how we think about our campaigns.


      We're looking to do a one-off drip campaign with multiple touchpoints/promotions to a specific target audience group via a list upload. Here's the proposed cadence:


      Week 1:  [Email 1] Invitation to webinar

      Week 2:  [Email 2] Invitation to webinar

      Week 3:  [Email 3 ]Invitation to webinar

      Week 4: Webinar (will do a shoutout to meet us at the conference below) +  [Email 4] Invitation to meet us at the conference

      Week 5:  [Email 5] Invitation to meet us at the conference

      Week 6: Conference + [Email 6] Invitation to in-person workshop

      Week 7:  [Email 7]  Invitation to meet us at an in-person workshop

      Week 8: In-person workshop


      Need advice on how I should set up the programs in Marketo? In our minds, this entire cadence should ideally belong in one big campaign, but in Marketo terms, what's the best way to structure our programs? Do we have to set up 3 separate programs (Webinar, Tradeshow, Event)? Appreciate any advice on how best to execute this. Thanks!

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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Zann,


          You should have separate programs for reporting purposes. You will want to see the effectiveness of the different channels as well as how specific programs perform against each other. For example, you’ll want to see how this webinar performed compared to others that you do in the future.


          The exception is if this entire group of activities will happen regularly – you wrap all of this into one program. However, it will be complicated and a lot of work, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you are just getting started. Another reason to keep separate programs is to keep orderly program statuses. Webinars, conferences and workshops will all of different program statuses.


          After building all of these separate, then you can include a step in each that handles the cross-invitations (inviting webinar attendees to a later workshop etc).


          Happy to speak offline about this if you need help, just message me.

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            Jimmy Spencer

            Hi Zann,


            There are a couple of things that stick out here.


            1. These actions should not be part of a "Drip" in the sense of a standard Marketo Engagement Program (EP). To pull that off you'll want to wait until you have a little more experience in the system because it can be a little complex in setup and reporting. Even then, an EP probably isn't the way to go for this type of promotion.
              1. You'll probably want to stick with a webinar program (more on that below).

            2. You should spend some time getting your system tidied up. If you've inherited a system, or are starting fresh, you'll want to ensure that you have
              1. Success statuses and smart campaigns to assign those statuses.
              2. Proper program tags (this will make reporting much easier down the road.

            3. If you have event and/or webinar programs that integrate into Marketo ensure that integration is setup and you're using them in this program. This will help tracking the movement of program members and it's one more thing to check off your setup list.
              1. Reviewing the documentation I've linked should help with setting up the program you've described above. You can likely group all of your webinar invites into one webinar program, but that's up to you.


            Hopefully these pieces of information can help you get up and running quickly.

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