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    Definition of Pipeline Created

    Tasha Cook

      Can anyone help me out with this definition? The docs are not very specific. Here is what the docs say:


      "The portion of credit (in monetary value) the program received for influencing the creation of opportunities. It may be a fraction of the total if there were multiple leads involved."



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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hey Tasha,


          Pipeline created usually means the sum of the dollar amount of opportunities sourced by marketing.


          But it may vary if you are thinking about sourced versus influenced.


          So if 10 opportunities were sourced by marketing, at $100 each, there would be $1000 in the pipeline.


          Attribution is assigning the $1,000 of pipeline to specific marketing programs. So if 5 opps came from an event, and 5 from social media, $500 of pipeline goes to the event, and $500 of pipeline goes to social media.


          If you are doing multi-touch attribution, then you spread the pipeline credit across multiple touchpoints if the person engaged in multiple campaigns before the opportunity was created.