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Smart Campaigns Not Seeing Emails in Triggers/Filters with A/B Test Enabled

Question asked by Trinity Levenson on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Rohit Wali

Hi Nation, 


Curious about a scenario I'm seeing where I have the following conditions:

Default program as hierarchy where within Default contains 5 Email Send Programs of which 4 are programmed as A/B tests, 1 program is not an AB test.  


When I attempt to setup smart campaigns within the Default program, for example:  Unsubscribes trigger to change status, the trigger filter for Unsubscribe can NOT see the emails in the Email Send programs with an A/B test enabled.  The smart campaign CAN see the email once I disable or remove the A/B test and it can see the lone program that I initially didn't setup as an AB test.   The SC can see the email in the email send program as long as AB test IS NOT enabled.  

This is also the case when I try to setup an SC within the Email Send program itself.  Same issue.   (I first thought it was the SC outside of the Email Send program causing issues)


Problem with this is without all my emails pulling into the triggers, I can't setup the smart campaigns ahead of my program launching so I can set the schedule of each email send program and it's AB test and setup my operational smart campaigns to trigger off certain behaviors. 


It seems that if i setup my SC's first without enabling AB tests they will see the emails and the filters will find the strings when I start typing.  It also appears that it continues to see the strings of emails when I enable the AB test as the last step.  But if I delete an email from the string in a filter (when AB has been enabled) and then try to find it again in the value finder, the email string won't appear. 


Yes, emails are in approved status.


Hmmmmm, so strange, anyone else face this or had a workaround?