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SFDC/Marketo: how do you track from hot contacts to opportunities?

Question asked by ChloƩ Sabourin on Apr 12, 2018

Dear UK users community,


We have been using Marketo and Salesforce and we are struggling to track how our existing Salesforce contacts who become hot, because of our marketing content and initiatives, convert to sales opportunity.

Some consultants indicate that for any hot contact, we need to create a lead on the top of an existing contact (better to track the conversion from a lead to an opportunity), but other consultants tell us that Marketo is not working this way and that we mustn’t create a lead on the top of a contact in Salesforce. If we chose the second solution, how do we analyze how many hot contacts convert to opportunities and for which amount? How do you manage this case on your own company?


Thank you in advance for your feedback.